November 2013


November's travels took us from Huntsville, Alabama to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Total distance traveled in our motor home was about 150 miles.

When we are in Huntsville, we spend a lot of time running from one medical appointment to the next but if you consider we try to take care of all our annual appointments within the space a few weeks and are mostly free the rest of the year, it's a small price to pay for the temporary frantic schedule.  We passed all our medical, dental and vision appointments, as well as a couple of non-routine but necessary tests done every few years.  Good to go for another year!

In between appointments, we met with several of our friends - as a gang enjoying catching up at The Schnitzel Ranch with Deb, Neil, Gail, Andrew, Ron and Linda;  breakfast at the Blue Plate Cafe with Ron and Linda who spent several days parked next to us at Redstone's military campground;  another breakfast at the City Cafe Diner with Randy and Debbie (it had been several years since we saw them last; Habitat friends Tom and Diane spent an overnight on their way to a build in Tuscaloosa - our dinner at Logan's Roadhouse was enjoyable; we also met with Habitat friends Dave and Mary at Point Mallard RV Park in Decatur before going out to dinner with them (we'll see them next month in Americus); lunch at Ol' Heidelberg with Tom and Jane; lunch at Jason's Deli with Sheila and Val.  On our own, we tried a couple of new places recommended by others - Which Wich (interesting concept) and Smashburger.  Sounds like we did nothing but eat out when you read this list - we did prepare a lot of our own meals but always enjoy getting out, trying new menus, and having a good time visiting with friends without having to worry about cleaning up the kitchen.  (Beware:  if you are hungry, don't click on any of the above hyperlinks - scrumptious food pictures abound!)

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Our first "WherIGo" geocache took us to these historical churches in downtown Huntsville.

We got in some geocaching while we were in the area, trying a Wherigo cache for the first time.  This particular type of cache can be found on the site but you also need to download a special module for your iPhone or tablet that is compatible with the geocaching program.  This WherIGo cache was an historical walking tour that included six local churches, all within a half mile of each other.  When you were within twenty feet or so of the coordinates for that particular church, a dialog box popped up with lots of historical information.  Even though we never did find the cache itself (located at the end of the walking tour), we got credit for it - it hadn't been found by several others so the owner suspected it was no longer in place and was going to check it out.  What's amazing is that even though we lived in the area for sixteen years, we very rarely ever just walked around town.  When we'd go into town back then, it was for a specific purpose - in and out.  We'll definitely look for more of these types of caches.  We introduced friend Linda to geocaching and darned if we didn't do such a good job showing her the ropes, she spotted the one at a local elementary school!

Our month in Huntsville was over - time to head to Tuscaloosa to join fellow RV Care-A-Vanners for a Habitat build there.  We were only three couples registered for this two  week build - both of the other couples were from Canada - one from Ontario and one from New Brunswick.  Best part is we've known them both for years so it was fun getting to hang out and build with them during our time there. 

Thanksgiving.jpg (54731 bytes)

It was a bit cold but we had lots of food and time to talk with old/new friends.

Our build went into December so we'll talk more about it then, but we want to share how we celebrated Thanksgiving.   Jim and Mary Sue, parents of Joey, one of our construction supervisors, drove down from Indiana to spend the holiday with their son, bringing with them a bunch of food.  They were gracious enough to invite the Care-A-Vanners and others to join them.  We enjoyed our feast in the dining hall located in the camp we were staying at.  Camp Y's Acres is owned by the YMCA but is being leased to the local Habitat affiliate where there are eight RV sites, two dorms, the dining hall, and a house for one of the construction supervisors who doubles as overseer of the camp.  Back to our feast - not only did we have turkey, we had ham, we had two types of ribs, we had smoked sausage, and we had all the typical side dishes, some of which the Care-A-Vanners contributed.  And we had pies - lots of them.  Mary Sue goes all out, which is typical according to son Joey.

After all that eating, we needed to get some serious exercise.  The local cemetery was home to several puzzle geocaches.  The coordinates bring you to one of the cemetery stones, where you pick up clues to where the cache itself is.  This is a HUGE cemetery.   The first cache was hidden at least a half mile from the coordinates, so off we traipsed in search of it, successful we may add.  We smartened up after that and did a better job of organizing our search but we still managed to walk almost three miles during our outing.

So ends the month of November.  Coming up we finish our work with the Tuscaloosa Habitat affiliate; a few days'  stop in Americus, Georgia (Habitat HQ) to get Lucille's laptop's programs updated and hang out with Dave and Mary.  Then on to George L. Smith State Park to enjoy a camping getaway, meeting up with Pat and Yvette, before moving over to Camp Carr for the rest of the year.


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