June 2012


Klondike Resort is located in the southwest corner of Massachusetts in the Berkshires.

June was our first full month here at Klondike Camping Resort in the site we have leased.  We still own a site here but have parked a Jayco fifth wheel on it that is available for family and friends to use when they are in the area – a wheeled’ bed and breakfast’, although breakfast is do-it-yourself.  When we made that quick trip here last fall to winterize the fifth wheel (normally done by brother Brian but he had health problems at the time), we made arrangements to lease a site near our own so we could park our motorhome and take road trips during the year.  In 2010, we parked our own fifth wheel in the club’s storage area and transferred stuff to the Jayco while we lived in it during that season.   We made countless trips back and forth to our fifth wheel because we kept needing something else that was never in the right place, and then had to reverse the process when we left.  Who would have thought being a snowbird was so much trouble! Solution – don’t move out of the motor home!

Life at Klondike probably isn’t too exciting for our readers so we won’t bore you with too many details of our days here but we sure do enjoy the peace and quiet up here. Some of what kept us busy during the month:

Young Emily, granddaughter of our friends Lou and Anne, emailed us asking advice on buying a dulcimer.  Shortly after she received it, she emailed questions on how to tune it and strum it.  Because we had a trip planned to visit Larry’s mother in Cheshire, Connecticut, it was just a short detour off the highway to stop in and give her a quick lesson.  Chad and Stacy, Emily’s parents, homeschool their five girls (newborn son C.J. will get his turn later.)  Little did we know that our quick lesson would be part of the girls’ education that day – how cool is that!  Emily’s sisters sat quietly around us, watching as we went over the basics.  We left her some of the tunes we play that she would be familiar with.  She and her family will be vacationing in Klondike in July – we made plans to get together and jam together then.  Anne told us that later that same day, Emily called to tell her about her lessons and even played a tune for her – she’s a quick study!  I believe there will be another dulcimer in their family – several of her sisters have started to play it also.  

Before we picked up Larry’s mother, we stopped for lunch at the Grotto, one of our favorite restaurants while in the area.  They have some of the best ravioli and pasta sauce, selling it frozen for those who want to take it home.  Family members have been known to bring us some when they’d visit us down south.  We had a walk down memory lane while there.  They are celebrating their 74th anniversary – they probably were celebrating their 30th when we first went there while we were dating – it’s good to know the ravioli is just as good now as it was back then.

Klondike has several dining events bimonthly on Saturday evenings.  Two events still needed sponsors so we signed up for the potluck in June and another one in August.  How hard can sponsoring a potluck be when folks bring covered dishes?  Easy!  We got to the clubhouse early afternoon to open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans to dissipate some of the heat in the 2nd story where we’d be eating, cleaned up the tables and set up tables to hold the dishes.  The event went off pretty smoothly.  Brian and Bonnie will be co-hosting the August one so they got an idea of what to do.

Speaking of Brian and Bonnie, they spent several weeks here using the Jayco, bringing their two oldest granddaughters with them for several days.  Felicia and Lea are a joy to be around and are very well-behaved.  In fact, the six of us were having supper at a Friendly’s Restaurant and an older gentleman stopped by to tell us that very fact – a nice testament to their upbringing.  

Klondike-camping-003.jpg (38693 bytes) Klondike-camping-004.jpg (69519 bytes)

Painting was our task for the month.  We signed up to paint the 40+ windows in the clubhouse.  Because we went from a bright yellow to a dark green, two coats of paint were required. 

Our biggest task during the month was painting the sills and trim on the forty windows on the second floor of the clubhouse.  The exterior trim of the two-story wood-planked clubhouse had recently been repainted, with the 1960s-style yellow getting replaced with a more up-to-date forest green.  Some of the planks were replaced but they will weather naturally.  Painting the interior of the windows wasn’t in the contract and because Klondike is owned by its members, any volunteer work is appreciated and helps keep the association fees down.  If we are willing to help strangers when we work with Habitat, we should do the same for friends.

Each window took about 90 minutes so we set a goal of doing just four per day which still gave us time to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  Neither one of us claims to be a professional but the windows did look pretty good when we were finished.

Larry’s reputation as computer tech help got communicated throughout Klondike – he soon had a few different laptops to check out, as well as helping the club install a new router for their wifi system.  He enjoys working on computers, as a hobby though, not as a paying job.  However, Carl and Joyce were so appreciative of his help, they bought him several bottles of his favorite type of wine – he’s well stocked for awhile now.  

Ladies'-Tea-001.jpg (68431 bytes) Ladies'-Tea-004.jpg (81524 bytes)

Quilting was this year's theme at the Ladies' Tea.  Lucille's contribution was the flag quilt.

Lucille enjoyed the annual Ladies’ Tea one afternoon. Hostess Diana picked quilting as this year’s theme - we were all invited to bring in quilts and tell others its story.  Lucille brought in the quilted waving flag banner that her aunt Lorraine made – it had a place of honor when you first walked into the clubhouse.  All the quilts on display were beautiful, some of which were heritage quilts passed down to family members.

The Tillotson gang got together at Brian and Bonnie’s home one Sunday afternoon.  What a challenge it was to pick a day that most folks could attend but we managed.  We provided pizzas from a Shelton restaurant and others provided drinks, chips and desserts.  It was a pleasant afternoon spent on their back deck.  Note to selves:  next time, order more pizzas - the nieces and nephews are getting older and have bigger appetites!  No one starved – lots of food available.

No bears spotted here this year but the raccoons are pretty aggressive.  They’ve raided the outdoor commercial kitchen several times, even trying to knock over the microwave to get to the pancake mix stored inside.  Larry had to make some minor repairs on our shed.  Even though we keep our garbage in bags, tightly sealed in a can and locked in the shed, the little bandits were trying their darnedest to get in.  

Next up:  more time spent at Klondike; a road trip to Saint Johnsbury and Bridport, Vermont to visit with friends and family, a family gathering here including folks coming in from Georgia, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut; and a day trip to New York City, arranged by the Otis Senior Center.  Several Klondike residents are attending – even the bus ride should be a blast!

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