August 2012


August was a quiet month, not too exciting.  Most days start off with our morning walks (we typically walk close to three miles up and down these hills - a great aerobic workout) and we enjoy happy hour late afternoon - the rest of the day is a mystery!

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Five days of elbow grease and industrial strength floor wax helped to make the oxidized finish look new again.

Besides our routine chores (laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping), the big project of the month was cleaning and waxing the exterior of the Legacy fifth wheel parked on our owned site.  Some Barkeepers' Friend,  some TSP, some industrial strength Zep floor wax, and a whole lot of elbow grease and the fifth wheel shines like it just came off the lot!    

Brian and Bonnie returned to Klondike after a month spent back in their home - we enjoyed some cookouts and meals together, as well as our Sunday morning Klondike breakfasts and bimonthly Saturday night clubhouse dinners.  Brother Bruce and wife Dani came up - their special request - some of the great bratwurst we fixed two years ago.  Do you think we could find fresh bratwurst other than name brands?  The meal was still wonderful - fresh brats must not be in much demand here in New England. 

The mid-month potluck for August was soup and sandwiches.  Lucille made a huge crockpot of cheesy chicken soup - what a challenge it is to head down to the clubhouse on Klondike's bumpy roads, without spilling too much!  There was a wonderful variety of soups and chili and stew and sandwiches - no one starved.   With Brian and Bonnie's help, we co-hosted a potluck for one of the club's Saturday evening meals, along with a penny auction that residents Jim and Linda suggested and helped with.  What a hoot that was,  over a hundred items donated and all proceeds went to Klondike - we look forward to having one of these next year.

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Larry enjoyed visiting with Katie, her sister Jessie, their mother Tracy and Katie's friend at Six Flags, New England but he was obviously not in his right mind when he agreed to go on some of the rides.  They spent over two hours waiting in line to ride Goliath, shown on the right.  The picture came from here. Click on the link to take a virtual ride.

Larry had an outing with several young ladies - niece Katie had won some tickets to Six Flags over New England in nearby Agawam.  Katie, her sister Jessie, their mother Tracy and Katie's friend met Larry at the amusement park one Monday and managed to get in several roller coaster rides.  Lucille chickened out and stayed home with her feet firmly planted on the ground!  

We finally managed to get lunch at Joe’s Diner in Lee.  The diner was made famous by Norman Rockwell’s painting, The Runaway.  State trooper Richard Clemens was the model for this painting at what used to be the Howard Johnson restaurant.  Our meal was typical diner food - plentiful, tasty and reasonably priced.

Larry's reputation as a computer whiz has quickly spread throughout Klondike.  Several folks brought their laptops to him for checkups, cleaning, and decontaminating.  At least one of them had a pretty serious virus - no boring repairs here, and usually challenging.  His fees are quite reasonable - a bottle of his favorite dry red wine.

Kit and Brenda, friends we met in Brunswick with Habitat last year, stopped by one afternoon while visiting Brenda's brother in Westfield.  It's always a treat to meet up with friends and to show off our piece of the Berkshire forest.

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Bill Staines performing at the Sandisfield Art Center.  You have probably heard his music, you just didn't know he was the author.

The month ended with our attending a concert by Bill Staines in the Sandisfield Art Center.  We had heard about Bill but this was the first time we saw him perform in person.  The venue was interesting - it used to be a Baptist meeting house, then an orthodox synagogue and since 1995 has been a performing arts center.  You can see its religious beginnings by several artifacts on display.  It is now owned by a nonprofit agency with concerts and lectures and classes scheduled during part of the year.  We were surprised with how many people were there in such a small community.  

Bill is quite talented, performing primarily his original works, some of which we recognized but didn't realize he had written.  He has been referred to as the modern day Stephen Foster.  His music has been performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, the Highwaymen, Mason Williams, and many others. The music was very relaxing and a pleasant way to spend a Friday evening.

Coming up:  a week in West Bainbridge, New York joining fellow Care-A-Vanners as we help the local Habitat affiliate finish a house; a week's cruise out of New York and up the eastern seaboard; and early October -  heading south to Huntsville, Alabama, before the snowflakes arrive here in the Berkshires. 


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