December 2010


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We added our own decorations to the display.  Our tree is on the table.

Trees, trees, and more trees – that about sums about most of December.  After a slow start, business started picking up – folks were now in the Christmas tree buying mood and mode.  Over the course of the rest of the month, we got in three more shipments of trees.  We were starting to get proficient at setting them up.  We’d trim back any unruly branches at their bases then try to locate them where they would show the best.  Every few days, if Mother Nature didn’t drench them with rain, we’d drag out garden hoses and give them all a good drink of water to keep them as fresh looking as possible.  

Late one evening, we sold a tree to a neighbor down the street.  This particular tree would become quite memorable and possibly provide an answer to something that happened earlier in the month.  Larry was setting up a tree, reached his hand in to straighten it out, and immediately pulled his hand out because something had bit it.  His first thought was a spider.  Within a short time, his hand had swollen up.  After talking with the pharmacist at the nearby CVS, he picked up some Benadryl to offset the itchiness.  Several days later, Dave and Mary came up for a visit and Mary, a retired doctor, suggested Larry start taking antibiotics because his hand appeared to have developed cellulitis.  

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It may have been warm enough for a snake to be out earlier in the month but by the 14th it was too cold for anybody to be out.

Now fast forward a couple of weeks till the memorable tree….The neighbor returned to the lot, visibly upset, because his family had found a snake in the tree – yipes!  He also said they had sworn off live trees and would go the artificial route from now on.  Larry retrieved the tree and managed to get the snake out of it (it turned out to be a harmless garter snake which can bite when it feels threatened.) Who would have thought that selling trees could be so exciting!  (The holding pen for the trees was located next to the woods bordering the lot – we suspect the snake came from there, crawling into the tree to keep warm.)

Lots of friends and family stopped by to visit us while we were parked there – we were delighted that Howard and Linda Payne, of RV-Dreams fame, came by in one afternoon and spent a couple of hours visiting with us, enjoying happy hour together.  They were touring the area and staying at nearby Skidaway Island State Park.  We hit it off with them right away and look forward to seeing them in the future.  

We sold trees up until we left on Christmas Eve day – folks were out looking for last minute bargains and we made sure they didn’t leave the lot empty-handed.  We moved just a short distance back to Camp Carr for the rest of the month.

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After Christmas dinner at Pat and Yvette's we visited Lucille's father at the nursing home.  We bought him a goofy hat since he has always amused us with his own outlandish styles.

The remainder of our month was filled with family get-togethers over the holidays, eating way too much, and attending the Christmas Eve Mass at Yvette’s church, St. Boniface.

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We bought a friend's Honda Fit in anticipation of purchasing a new home-on-wheels.

Now that we were finished with our tree-selling gig, we started researching a future home-on-wheels and various cars and SUVs that could be towed behind.  We test-drove Ford, Chevy and Honda products.  In the meantime, friends Bill and Jane emailed us that their 2007 Honda Fit was available for sale and what a deal they offered!  We drove down to Jacksonville, where they were staying for a month or so, checked it out and left the area with a ‘new’ car.  Bill had been towing the Fit behind his motorhome so it already had the baseplate installed, a considerable savings.  Another friend had a used tow bar and auxiliary braking system available for a great price so we snatched that up.  All we needed now was a vehicle to tow it with!  More on our search and what we ended up with in January’s update.

After a few last minute medical appointments in Savannah, and a gals’ day out shopping with Lucille taking her mother shopping for new clothes, December drew to a close.

Coming up:     January in Brunswick working with Glynn County Habitat for Humanity.  February we head down to Palmdale, Florida for a month before heading back north and west with the only firm commitment is to be in Seattle by mid-June in time for our cruise up the Inside Passage.


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